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How To Buy A Used Portable Toilet

There are a lot of things people try to sell to make a fast buck but come on, a used Portable toilet? The thing is that people will put anything up for sale but hey, if you are in the market to buy one, then used may be the way to go. Especially if you need multiples because really, a portable toilet is an expensive endeavor!

So where do you begin looking for your used portable toilet?

You can search a multitude of companies and if you want a good tip, you can comparison shop by stopping when you see a portable toilet and look at it. When you walk around the structure you will see the number and logo on it somewhere and call them with the model you believe you want right then and there. Make an appointment with them or even bring a picture.

Portable Toilets

How do you get the cheapest deals?

The cheapest deals on used portable toilets are when you know where to look and who to speak to. If you see one on a site out there while you are driving around, ask to see the person responsible for buying the ones that are already being used. For instance, a construction company may buy them to have on their sites for construction workers. If they are thinking of replacing them then make them an offer and also ask if they will deliver it. If they don’t that’s ok because the portable toilets are probably only plastic and easily transported if you rent a truck.

Auctions are also a great place to start. When you are scouting the newspaper or surfing the net, you can Google auctions. Public auctions and estate sales are a great place to start.  Companies sell these all the time when they are thinking about replacements and government auctions are great because when they size property to pay off debt they will be on the auction block as well and believe it or not they can fetch a good dime for a portable toilet.

Sometimes building companies will orphan their portable toilets and leave them on the side of the road for free. If you have enough of them you can keep what you need and sell the others.

Put out an ad

Ads work really well and ads like these are generally free because you are not making money off of them. You are only seeking used equipment so make sure that you are skipping over newspapers that want to charge you. There are small community papers that are free as well called penny saver ads. You can get onto public forums on line as well which is even more effective that the newspapers.

Public online forums are great for hooking up buyers with sellers. There is a wealth of networking out there even for what you are looking for. The types of forums that are good for this type of thing are collectors and builders. Construction still ruled the roost in this area.

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